Friday, June 21, 2013



1.       Career day as it stipulated under MUCSO constitution in which it invite at any time distinguish personalities such as economic, social, academic, and cultural professionals to interact with students community by way of lecturers, panels or group discussion, workshop or any other means which promote healthy discussion.
2.       Organized debates, seminars, workshops, conferences, study tours and congress, to enhance intellectual, civic and political awareness of the student’s community.
3.       To influence the partial transcript for finalist students granted as soon as possible and when the need arise.
4.       To initiate sponsors such as LOAN BOARD and Undertake activities for the benefits of the students of MUCCoBS.
5.       To negotiate with the management as the representative of the students, Sound systems in the halls, chairs, and lighting equipment’s should be in good conditions. Size and quantity of sound systems in Nyerere Hall. Kahama hall and Sokoine complex should be improved.
6.       To negotiate with the management, to connect PGD learning facility with the generator power of the hall is rented; the furniture should be taken care of in a proper manner.
7.       To negotiate with the management on the possibility to extend field time – the move to go full-fledged university.
8.       To negotiate with the management to reduce the cost of retaking course e.g. HEALTH INSURANCE in which many students are fail to pay full cost of retaking course.

We are aware and we support MUCCoBS to become a better place for excelling carriers. Producing competent individuals of high caliber in all fields covered.
·         Our aim is to compliment the management efforts without jeopardizing the student’s rights and ability to grow as a group and individuals.
·         To build trustworthy line of communication with the management.
·         To Build true and open negotiations forum with the management on critical issues concerning students, on one side and management on the other side
·         To build a trustworthy and regular dialogue channel with the management.

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